Taos Fiestas Royal Court Interview

July 21, 2022

A Chat with the 2022 Taos Fiestas Royal Court

Join this conversation with  this year's incoming Royal Court for the 2022 Fiestas de Taos!  Reina Sonya Gallegos and Princesas Mariah Cebada, Kyra Trujillo and Mariaelena Lucero.
They will make an appearance at the Plaza tonight during Taos Plaza Live!

The annual Fiesta celebrations, which date back to the early 1600s, are held in commemoration of Santiago and Santa Ana, who, in the Catholic tradition, are the patron saints of Taos. It involves  the gathering of generations to enjoy delicious cuisine, traditional music, and fellowship while honouring the cultural uniqueness of Taos, New Mexico. Tune in!

Episode Timestamps;

[00:22] Meet the Taos Fiestas Royal Court
[01:21]  Friday's coronation mass and the opening ceremonies of the Fiestas de Taos
[01:54] What the crowning means to Sonya for honouring the cultural uniqueness of Taos
[02:31] A quick background of Sonya and her family
[03:55] A bit about Kyra, why she ran for Princesas & the importance of the Fiesta
[05:47] Mariaelena Lucero and why she is in the show
[06:30] Meet Mariah and her love for the Fiesta ceremony and why she ran for Princesas
[07:36] Rapid Fire Round
[11:06] Other festivities lined up for the weekend
[12:10] How you can reach out and follow the journey of these beautiful girls
[12:53] Wrap-up


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