Santiago Alberto Interview

April 29, 2021

Getting to know Santiago Alberto

In this episode, Dj Vito Jr. speaks with Santiago Alberto. Santiago began his music career at the age of three years while playing drums. At the age of twelve, he started his mariachi class with his teacher Alfonso Trujillo, and during this time, mariachi music became his first main focus. He met most of the famous mariachi musicians in the world, such as Mariachi Sol de Mexico, Mariachi Vargas, Mariachi Los Camperos, and many more. Alberto met some of the best musicians who guided him, including Jesus Hernandez, guitar player of Mariachi Sol de Mexico, and the director of the group, Jose Hernandez. Alberto studied at the University of Mexico, where he got his bachelor's degree. He would later join college to study music and work as a mariachi musician over the weekends. Alberto joins us to talk about his journey in the music industry. 


[00:38] Introducing the guest
[05:10] Experience at the college and the time he received a call from Mr. Hernandez
[10:20] What other instruments do you play?
[15:05] Experience working with Juan Gabriel, watching him, and spending time with him in the studio.
[21:18] Experience while teaching kids music.
[22:56] What are some of the creative when getting your first solo album together?
[27:10] A talk about “Mañana,” a song that he did a video with his mother
[33:00] Tell us about your second song, “Ya Olvide.”
[35:34] Are you working on anything currently?
[36:13] How was it coping with the pandemic?
[38:57] Hobbies that Alberto has besides teaching and music.
[41:20] Introduction to Ram.
[45:06] Connect with Alberto.

Notable Quotes

●    I was the drummer in my mum's band since I was a little kid, and people would be like, who is playing with the drums? It doesn't look like there is anyone there.
●    It is fun; I love music in all aspects. I am a music fan too; I don’t just work on my things. People ask me like do you listen to your music in the car? 
●    I listen to different music, mariachi, electric bands, like random stuff.
●    I think I have some natural ability but working at it, trying to study, read books on it, and get help from other experienced people. You know I was never afraid to ask questions, which greatly helped me.
●    You know, when you ask a question to someone experienced, you can learn something in ten minutes that took them ten years to learn.
●    There is something special about teaching music in particular. It is fulfilling to see kids who have not played guitar before starting to fall in love with it.
●    I try not to do everything myself because I only do the things that I know I can shine on but if its something I know someone who does it better than me, I’m gonna bring that person because I want to reach its potential
●    I always share when people ask me anything. I am always open, and I don’t hold anything back.


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