Laura Linda Interview

April 13, 2021

Laura Linda’s Journey into Music and her Achievements 
In this episode, Dj Vito Jnr speaks to Laura Linda, a renowned Tejano musician. Her initial recognition over the Tejano airwaves was with the release of her first CD, Sufro Por Ti, under an independent label, Diamond International. Her song sufro por Ti appeared on Radio y Musica charts, something uncommon for upcoming artists on an independent label. The airplay of this song allowed her to feature among various categories of the T.T.M.A. music awards ballot. In today's episode, Laura joins us to discuss her journey from country music to Tejano up to where she is now.  
Key Highlights from the episode
[00:48] About Laura Linda
[03:00] Linda's background in the music industry
[04:35] Acts shared with prominent country music superstars
[05:32] Experience transitioning from country music to Tejano
[07:06] Some of the key accomplishments when she halted her music career
[09:39] Who inspired you into the music industry?
[10:25] What is the process of coming up with your song?
[11:42] Linda’s favorite music to perform
[14:11] How Linda considers herself. Either a musician or an entertainer
[15:20] Dealing with covid
[17:12] Instruments played by Linda
[21:04] Linda's hobbies besides music, dance, and vocals classes
[27:45] Some of the people Linda can collaborate with
[31:29] Upcoming events
[37:21] Message to fans
[37:53] Connect with Laura Linda
Notable Quotes
●    It was fourteen years of Dj Vito that I dedicated my life to the children of South Dallas communities, and I encouraged, inspired, and educated the children in the world of dance here in South Dallas.
●    You know, developing a purpose in children's life is a major attribute.
●    If you can change one child's life, that's all that matters, but when you have hundreds of children all over the community and make a difference in their life, that is very rewarding. 
●    You cannot teach someone to sing Dj Vito; it has to be a natural gift. You can guide them, but there is no way you can teach someone to sing. 
●    I really enjoy teaching the children here in the South Dallas community; it is just one of my passions. I will never let that go.
●    To never forget where you come from, stay focused, be grounded, always treat others to all artists out there, you know, always treat others with respect, but you too have to be respectful. 


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