Ashley & Raquel Grant Interview

April 09, 2021

Connecting with Ashley and Raquel Grant

In this episode, DJ Vito Jr. speaks with Raquel and Ashley Grant. Ashley began music while playing guitar at the age of seven, had her first recording at the age of nine, “Angel Baby,” and performed at the New Mexico Hispano Music Associations and youth competition. Raquel also played guitar and participated in Mariachi. Ashley and Raquel join us to talk about their journey in the music industry and how they found their way into it.

Key highlights from the call

[00:23] About Ashley and Raquel Grant
[01:05] How they got into the music industry
[01:58] At what age did you realize that this is what you wanted to do?
[04:50] Experiences working with their father
[05:55] Some of the advice that their father gives
[07:13] Favorite instruments they play
[07:51] Creative processes they do when they get to the studio
[09:00] Who do you look up to in the music industry?
[11:30] What other hobbies do you have besides music?
[12:18] Juggling music and personal life
[13.19] Favorite venues that you have played
[14:48] Any upcoming events
[17:58] Connect with Ashley and Raquel
[20:07] Closing remarks

Notable Quotes

●    He has been pushing us to know what we want independently, without his influence. (Ashley)
●    You always make time for the things you love. (Ashley)
●    We do have vocal exercises, and they are so funny we got to do them as it helps our voices and get hipped up. We let ourselves emotionally into what we are about to put up because what grabs your audience is the song lyrics and the emotion you put into it. (Raquel) 
●    We have many of our peers, and we respect all the musicians we have met. (Ashley)
●    I would say that even though it was a downfall, we got to work a lot on music and get together to think of new music ideas, which is why we are putting out more songs because we had more time to practice and get things together that was the significant part of it. (Raquel)


Connect with Ashley and Raquel Grant


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